The NZCOM Committee Auckland in response to requests from members is recommending to midwives professional supervision and providing names of people who could provide supervision. We are not endorsing any one person but giving some options for you to consider of people who provide professional supervision. The people on our website are or have been midwives or midwives have found they have a good understanding of midwifery. They are also qualified to provide professional supervision.

All those involved in the caring professions are being strongly encouraged to make use of Professional Supervision. Its purpose is to provide the person with a safe space to reflect on their work and its over-all place in their lives. It helps prevent burnout and compassion-fatigue: it is a powerful way of “caring for the carer”.

The safe space offers:

  • confidentiality
  • non-judgment
  • a place to “unload” tensions and pressures involved in such demanding work
  • the possibility of discovering a fresh perspective on problems/issues
  • time to stand back and develop a “super vision” of one’s work-life balance

Midwife and educator Julite George offers supervision for midwives. For further information: