The Region

The College of Midwives Auckland Region represents members and is the largest (by membership numbers) of the 10 regions. Members include midwives, consumers, students and affiliated groups. Members work in a variety of settings in a region that contains three District Health Boards as well as a number of Primary Birthing Units. Each Region functions autonomously and have their own constitutions which align to the national College constitution. Each region also has its own elected office bearers and Regional Committee. Each of the regional chair-people are part of the National Committee (the governance body of the College) which meets three times a year ensuring that regional midwifery related issues are raised at a national level and the issues of national interest to midwifery are brought back to the regions for feedback and comment.

The Auckland region keeps its members informed of current issues by way of monthly regional meetings and email. We encourage members to join the global email so that we can notify members quickly about current events, workshops and the latest information.

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The NZCOM Auckland Resource Centre is located in Royal Oak and is open Monday to Friday from 9.00am – 3.00pm.

What’s On at the Resource Centre

  • Midwifery clinics
  • Midwifery Standards Reviews
  • Regional Meetings
  • Pasifika Midwives’ Fono
  • Calmbirth antenatal classes
  • Education workshops

We have a modest library of midwifery related books and publications available to read. We also hold a small stock of resources and publications for sale such as:

  • Portfolios
  • Urine dipsticks
  • Prescription pads
  • Medical certificates
  • Midwives’ Handbook for Practice
  • Midwifery Standards Review Handbook
  • The Midwifery Partnership
  • Women’s Business – The Story of the New Zealand College of Midwives 1986-2010

Please contact us if you require more information about our Region and Resource Centre

The Resource Centre has a small amount of visitor parking available for women attending antenatal clinics, for midwives attending Midwife Standards Reviews and for others specifically visiting the Centre itself.

For those attending education days in the Yarnton Lounge or ILS Conference Rooms there is street parking and a carpark at the supermarket nearby on Mt Albert Road and another off Erson Avenue behind the shops.