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Baby and You Antenatal and Postnatal by Parents Centre Aotearoa
Childbirth, or antenatal, education has been the foundation of Parents Centres since our beginnings in 1952.

Today we are by far the largest provider of antenatal education in the country, delivered across a strong network at 60+ locations. Our exceptional team of Childbirth Educators (or CBE’s) are skilled facilitators and qualified to assist and inform expectant parents throughout the exciting and complex pregnancy period, equipping them to have positive birth experiences and enabling them to begin their parenting journey feeling informed and confident. You will learn crucial information about pregnancy, labour and birth as well as parenting in those early months; information that is comprehensive and based on the very latest research. Following your birth Parents Centre offer our Baby and You Postnatal programme for you to attend with your pēpi.  This is a relaxed coffee group styled programme with opportunities for learning and asking questions.  We also set up your coffee group.

You will gain valuable practical skills and strategies for your pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.

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Manukau Parents Centre offers a programme covering essential topics for expectant and new parents. These courses are designed to provide valuable insights, guidance, and support during the early stages of parenthood. Our offerings include:

Antenatal Classes: A comprehensive 7-week course that prepares expectant parents for childbirth and the early days of parenthood.

Postnatal Support: A 5-week course aimed at helping new mothers adjust to life with a newborn, offering advice on feeding, settling, infant care, and emotional wellbeing.

Coffee Groups: A coffee group is created for each cohort, including an online Facebook group (curated by Tania Vowles, our qualified Childbirth Educator and midwife in training).  During antenatal classes we create a safe space for new parents to connect, share experiences, and seek advice from others going through similar experiences.  We also bring them together for their first coffee group, so they can connect in person and online as they wish.

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Locations:  Courses are held at The Gardens School and Manurewa Baptist Church in Manurewa.

There is a cost, please check the website and contact Parents Centre Aotearoa