Welcome to the Auckland Region of the New Zealand College of Midwives, the professional organisation and recognised ‘voice’ for midwives and student midwives in New Zealand.


This website is a resource to further strengthen our role, our visibility and the partnership between midwives and those who choose our care in the greater Auckland area. Our site refers specifically to the College of Midwives Auckland Region and is a valuable communication platform for members to follow the direction of our professional organisation, keep abreast of current information, education and continuing education, share news and views, and celebrate our many successes.

The Auckland Region Committee can be contacted via this site in relation to their role as representatives of the region regarding midwifery and consumer issues. The Auckland region has the highest number of births, consequently we have the greatest number of midwives working across the region. We are proud to live in, work in, and contribute to an incredibly diverse, youthful, multi-cultural population. Half those birthing identify with two or more ethnicities and around 10% have English as a second language.

For women we offer information about midwives and maternity services, a link to support networks, and opportunities to better understand how we, and our babies, fit into the New Zealand health system.

To see if you are eligible for free maternity care click here.

Midwives are free and publicly funded for those elegible & are fully integrated in the hospital & community maternity system.

Auckland Region Committee

Our team is very supportive of its members, and passionate about the region.

Continuing Education Information

Many events are held monthly or annually; please contact the organisation directly for notification of the next event.

Counselling Services

The Auckland College Committee has arranged to provide three free sessions each to two LMCs per month with their counsellor. Only members of the College may utilise this service.

For Birthing

The New Zealand College of Midwives is committed to protecting, promoting and supporting normal birth.

Auckland events