Antenatal Classes

Auckland DHB Antenatal Classes – Pregnancy and Parenting Education

Are you looking for a pregnancy and parenting education class?
Check out Auckland DHB’s pregnancy and parenting education classes!

  • Fully funded
  • Classes available at Panmure, Glen Innes (kaupapa Maori through Ngati Whatua Orakei), Parnell (Birthcare), Mt Roskill, Blockhouse Bay and the CBD
  • Choose from two x three hour group classes or a block class of six hours
  • Bookings accepted from 14 weeks into pregnancy
  • Recommended attendance at around 28-30 weeks into pregnancy

For info and to book go to:

These classes are free

  • Maternity Services – Waitakere Hospital
    Antenatal classes: Ph(09) 486 8920 ext 3048

    These classes are free.

  • Maternity Services – North Shore Hospital
    Antenatal classes: Ph (09) 486 8920 ext 3048

    These classes are free.

  • Turuki Healthcare
    Antenatal Wananga.

    Instead of several sessions, we run a one-day antenatal wananga focusing on the possibility of natural and whānau-centred birthing. Wahine attending the wananga are empowered with knowledge and encouraged to take pride and find value in the bringing of new life. If you join us for an antenatal wananga, we will work with you, your partner and/or whānau to diminish any barriers to a successful birth. We aim to empower you to take ownership of the process, both practically and – to the extent you want to – culturally.

    Classes in Mangere and Panmure.

    These classes are free.

  • Tapuaki
    Pregnancy and Parenting Education Classes.

    Every pregnant woman or prospective adoptive parent, a support person or aiga/fanau/magafaoa are entitled to attend free antenatal classes. The Tapuaki Pacific childbirth and parenting education classes are free and are aimed at Pacific mothers, her support person and/or family.

    These classes are free.

  • Birthcare Antenatal classes
    Venue:Birthcare Auckland, 20 Titoki Street, Parnell, Level 1 Education Room

    Comprehensive 9 hour course held over a 3 week period, 3 classes of 3 hour duration each.

    Cost is $190 per couple.

  • MAMA Maternity
    MAMA provides Birth and Parenting Preparation Courses at various locations including rooms at 13 Coyle Street, Sandringham

    These courses are primarily designed to meet the needs of first time parents who are interested in finding out about the how they can support the normal process of labour and birth and prepare for responsively parenting their baby and establishing successful breastfeeding. Ideally women will attend with their baby’s father, their partner or a support person. MAMA also runs specialized courses for parents expecting twins and triplets in Coyle Street, Sandringham, Harrison Rd, EllerslieMandarin Language Classes – SandringhamCoyle Street, SandringhamAccess Road, KumeuSouth Titirangi Road, Titirangi

    Cost $150 per couple.

  • Parents Centre
    Childbirth, or antenatal, education has been the foundation of Parents Centres since our beginnings in 1952.

    Today we are by far the largest provider of antenatal education in the country, delivered across a strong network of 50 Centres. Our exceptional team of Childbirth Educators (or CBE’s) is skilled facilitators and qualified to assist and inform expectant parents throughout the exciting and complex pregnancy period, equipping them to have positive birth experiences and enabling them to begin their parenting journey feeling informed and confident. You will learn crucial information about pregnancy, labour and birth as well as parenting in those early months; information that is comprehensive and based on the very latest research. You will gain valuable practical skills and strategies for your pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.

    In Manukau
    East Auckland:
    North Shore:
    West Auckland:

    There is a cost, please check the website and contact the educators.

    Antenatal Education

    I offer monthly classes in a beautiful setting in central Auckland. My passion is to facilitate interactive, informative (and humorous) classes that also engage the attending partner/support person. The focus of these classes is informed consent, self-responsibility and practical self help skills. I draw on a wide variety of resources including evidence based care and traditional woman’s wisdom. Couples are encouraged to explore a range of options that support both to unfold in its own unique way, rather than only focus on possible challenges. Preparation for transition into early parenting, including breastfeeding and self-care, will also be discussed. Following completion of the workshop participants will be invited to attend monthly postnatal catch-ups. The focus of these will be supporting women as they navigate the emotional transition to mothering.
    Dates: 5 and 6 May; 9 and 10 June; 7 and 8 July; 4 and 5 August; 1 and 2 September; 6 and 7 October; 3 and 4 November; 1 and 2 December

    There is a cost, please check the website and contact the educators.

  • Calmbirth
    Empowering parents. Discovering the joy of birth.

    The Calmbirth philosophy is based on the belief that pregnancy, labour and birth are normal life events; that a women’s body is wonderfully designed to give birth. It is a natural process that can be experienced by a birthing couple and their baby calmly and joyfully.

    There is a cost, please check the website and contact the educators.

  • Holistic Baby
    HolisticBaby Antenatal and Pregnancy classes.

    Taking a holistic approach to the wellbeing of babies, mothers and families. Classes are held at Titirangi Community House, 500 South Titirangi Rd. Classes please check times for each individual class.

    There is a cost, please check the website and contact the educators.

  • Intuitive birth
    Antenatal Workshops.

    These workshops are ideal for busy people who would rather do without the roleplaying and small talk.  They are concise, relevant and fun! Our focus is on informed decision making and really thinking about what sits well with you based on your background, medical history, values and beliefs. We encourage birth partners to seek information so they feel confident supporting the birthing woman while she is in labour. The fears most often relayed at the start of antenatal classes by birthing partners is that they won’t know what to do or say, or that they’ll feel like a spare wheel. They are worried about seeing their significant other in pain, and want some tools to effectively support her.  Upon completion of an Intuitive Birth course those fears have always been allayed.

    There is a cost, please check the website and contact the educators.

  • Babybe
    Explore. Empower.

    There is a cost, please check the website and contact the educators.

  • Birthbalance
    Childbirth and parenting courses.

    Birthbalance Childbirth and Parenting Courses welcome women and their partners/birth supports from all over Auckland to their well known and well liked comprehensive antenatal classes. Our venue is based in East Auckland and courses are run on Wednesday evenings or Saturdays in the conference room at Eastridge Church, 559 Chapel Road, Botany (next to Botany College).

    There is a cost, please check the website and contact the educators.

  • Auckland Hypnobirthing

    Natural Birth Toolbox courses at Birthcare and Online.
    Learn practical hypnobirthing techniques to work with your body and your baby for an easier, more comfortable and empowering birthing experience.

    Included with the workshop is:

    • A comprehensive workbook to guide your practice.
    • Exclusive access to the online resource bank to support your practice. This includes: Downloadable guided meditations for fear release, relaxation + more.
    • The Baby Sleep Toolbox online workshop.
    • Two online Pregnancy Yoga classes.
    • Access all of the resources on the go via a free app on your mobile device.
    • Ongoing email or phone support.