Lunchtime education sessions

February 2021 Genital Swabs collection and processing: Follow the link to view the PowerPoint presentation by Labtest microbiologists, Susan Smith and Matt Blakiston, for midwives: Genital swabs and processing

March 2021 The Neonate 

April 2021 Caring for the Carer

May 2021 The Culture of Disadvantage:
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May 2021 The Neonate: Jaundice and Hypoglycemia
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July 2021 Korero with Plunket
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Preventing and managing stress and burnout
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9 Quick ways to calm your nervous system

2021 07 28 Midwives Managing Stress and Burnout Handout

2021 07 28 Resource List from Presentation Connect Communications

Covid catch-up 19 August 2021
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3 September 2021 Covid Vaccine during Pregnancy – Safety and Effectiveness
With Associate Professor Helen Petousis Harris (vaccine safety specialist, University of Auckland), followed by Q=A with a panel including Dr Joan Ingram (infectious diseases specialist) and the IMAC Northern Region team. 

9 September Zoom catch-up: moving across Covid borders
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